Annual Meeting 2021

Our *distanced* Annual Meeting took place over Facetime this year, but we were still able to accomplish all of our annual work (approve financials, sign paperwork, review maintenance work, discuss larger projects). We also decided to post-pone making a By-laws change that was meant to resolve something that had come up in one of our 2020 quarterly check-in meetings. We all felt that the matter had been successfully dealt with since then and may not need a specific by-law entry to resolve any future needs.

We established that a new well would be scheduled for drilling this spring and agreed upon a rough location that would be far enough from the septic field, but close enough to the house for hooking into the existing plumbing. We also resolved to pursue selling our beloved 1949 Ford 8N tractor which, now that the newer and larger Kubota was on the scene, had lost it’s value to the WFC. Rather than let it gather dust, we agreed that it could be passed along to a new caretaker after a thorough tune up. We will discuss the appropriate use of those proceeds once the sale is made.


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