Annual Meeting 2022

After approving the 2021 financials so that we could submit them to our accountant to prepare tax returns, and approving the minutes of the 2021 annual meeting, we reviewed updates on projects that had been accomplished in 2021 (such as the sale of the 1949 Ford 8N tractor, with the proceeds distributed to the members as agreed to in the by-laws). We then discussed projects anticipated to be launched in 2022 such as getting bids for re-cladding one of the exterior sides of our barn, getting more aggressive about brown tail moth remediation around the farmhouse, and to begin research on replacing the 40 year old oil furnace in the farmhouse. Once completed, the members representing Second Frost Farm (formerly Dickey Hill Farm as they had decided on a name-change) presented an overview of the projects they wanted to accomplish for their business that would change the buildings and the land for the better. The meeting was successfully concluded in a little over an hour.


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