Annual Meeting 2023

Our group began the meeting with a review of the financials, and an addition to the agenda that had been distributed a week or so in advance of this Annual Meeting. Once all of that was settled we reviewed the projects that were accomplished or not in 2022 that had been discussed at the previous Annual Meeting. Significantly the Farmhouse had finally had new heat pumps installed just after the new year, which will be able to replace the need for the oil fired furnace. They will also be able to be powered (all or in-part) by the solar panels installed several years ago on the barn roof creating a much more sustainable farm with a much lower carbon footprint. The south side of the barn had also been re-clad with board and batten siding over the summer, and the same contractor had already promised to replace/repair several barn windows in the last phase of that work. The brown tail moth remediation work in 2022 had been successful, so a similar plan was set up for the spring of 2023. We then reviewed the rest of the plan for 2023, as well as a number of “long-term” projects that were on the horizon, but not necessary set to be accomplished in the coming year. Once we had set the quarterly dates for our check-in meetings we were able to adjourn.


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