Quarterly Check-in Meetings

Beginning at the 2018 Annual Meeting the members agreed that it would be helpful to have a set of regularly scheduled “check-in” meetings so that issues/concerns/questions don’t have to wait until the next annual meeting to be addressed. No minutes or formal agenda is created for the check-in meetings. That said, given that there is are enough shares represented at a check-in meeting, business can be transacted outside of the Annual Meeting if necessary (which would then need to be documented and referred to in the minutes of the following Annual Meeting, naturally). The members decided that quarterly would be a good spacing for these meetings, and that the dates could be flexible if other business interfered. In general, we set dates for the three extra meetings (the Annual Meeting being a DELUXE check-in meeting) at each annual meeting, and then a few weeks ahead of that set date we’ll all communicate to confirm the date and set a time, or request a date change, and propose a new date/time within a week or two of the set date. This process has worked really well for us so far, and has accomplished the goal of better communication within the cooperative. I would highly recommend adoption something along these lines in a similar farmstead cooperative structure.


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